Training Programs

Build Your Professional Brand On LinkedIn

  • Your professional brand is defined by the information that is available to you online.
  • A LinkedIn profile is the new first impression. Expect to be Googled prior to meeting someone professionally for the first time

Social Selling 

  • We live in a hyper-connected social world. Info moves quickly. The successful salespeople are those quick to learn and adapt.
  • The social seller is replacing the traditional prospector. Social sellers know that buyers are spending more time online around their social networks. Social Media presents an opportunity for business people to connect and know each other prior to a phone call, or email, taking place.
  • Social Media enables you to position yourself as a valuable resource not just a service provider.

How to Use LinkedIn to Obtain a Job

  • It’s not enough to have a compelling, keyword optimized LinkedIn profile, which we will create together, but the successful job seeker knows how to use LinkedIn to gain attention and leverage their network of connections.
  • Learn how to engage through content that is valuable to your network and remain top-of-mind with key influencers.

Content Marketing

  • Content now garners six times more engagement than jobs on LinkedIn. Surprised? Users flock there to gather intelligence and gain insights.
  • Social media is a platform for you to market yourself to your target audience. You do this by sharing helpful content to your network that addresses their interests, solves their problems and makes their job easier.
  • Thought leadership is more valuable than your product pitch.

Negotiating Strategies

  • We negotiate every day in all we do, yet most of us don’t understand this. Learn the three elements that make up each negotiation: Information, Time, Power and how they work for and against you.
  • For the Job Seeker the negotiation starts on the very first phone call. How you position yourself will set the stage for how successfully you will negotiate your salary and compensation package.

Interview Prep 

  • You ‘had me at hello’ has never been more true for job interviews. Good or bad, people form impressions from the moment you enter the room.
  • Recruiters consistently state the majority of job candidates come to an interview unprepared. My coaching will position you to come across as not only prepared to speak about yourself, but to ask intelligent questions that demonstrate your knowledge of the company and hiring manager.


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